The Furry

“QUICKLY!” I cried, “THE FURRY IS COMING!!!!” I took 1 big look at the bridge. The furry walked slowly but surely it’s coming for me. I took one big jump with my eyes opened up wide…………. as I start to take the broken bridge. My friend running hits the ground rolling and dust comes into my eyes. I was scared as my life flashed before my eyes. I made it over the bridge, diving in to a front flip roll. I climbed and climbed, I went into my vehicle playing music as I realised, I left my friend.

“HELPP!” my friend cried. I didn’t know if should save him or leave…….

The Run


“Which way to the shops? I panted as hard I can.

“Go East direction, keep going East, and stand at the building then ring the bell.

“Thanks, I just need to get presents for my child Fred,” I thanked. So I ran as quickly as I can to east because I forgot to get present for my sad child Fred. “Oh why of why did I forget!” I arrived and rang the bell he said to ring. I was wondering why there was a bell for a shop. I waited and waited, until someone came out. “WHY WAS NONE ANSWERING!” Suddenly, I had a pain on my back…………


The Chosen one

I took 1 massive step as I jumped down to bungie jump. The competition started. I started to do the best acrobatics as I can in the air. I could hear the crowd cheering for me and the other side of the crowd cheering for the rival on the other team. I took ONE big breath as I was shocked! I didn’t realised they (he) could fly! It was ending badly. I was losing 5-2 on hard tricks. I was felt light headed. The jump was over. I looked at the results. NOOOOOO! I was eliminated and was out of the competition. I was in disbelief!!!!!………….

The Stone Statue for Luck

“MAAAAANNN, it’s a hot day today! Right Chief?” I asked

“Wellll, I mean it’s only like 30 degrees today in Australia. All of the beautiful breeze and lots of birds surrounding us.” Chief replied

“Ugh, whatever, it’s still hot though,” I said. All of the breeze was so strong but I was ok with that.


“STONE BUILDING FOR LUCK!!” I interrupted.

“Give me a wish………” said the stone building.

“OOOOOOOOOOOO” Chief and I said.


“OOO” We said.

“2 attempts no wish, means no wish FOREVER”

“HUH!?!?!” NOOOOOOO,” we both cried.

Horrid Castle

I was running as fast as I could, through the crashing leaves on a absolutely freezing night. I constantly sprinted; my breathing was unsteady as a rock falling of a mountain. My heart, PUMPING as hard as ever. I finally reached my destination. The most haunted, terrifying castle in the world, wall of death. My heart stopped like it was a statue. I could hear horror music and the wind rustle onto my arms, nerves. I went inside, I saw a flash of light, then, darkness. I screamed! As I heard a voice. I didn’t know what he said. I felt pain on my back, as I fainted…………….

Mythical world


I am on a boat using a oar DESPERATELY trying to find a wistful mushroom just to give it just for my wrinkled mother. I SAW ONE! So I started to turn to that direction. OH NO! I FORGOT MY RULE! I can’t get a wistful flower! Do I disobey? Or do I get it for my mother? I couldn’t decide. But then, I heard a rumble. Underneath the ocean. I couldn’t stand up! My boat started to wiggle. I fell into the water.  I saw a shark. HELPPPPPPPPPPP! I couldn’t breathe and I couldn’t swim. The shark got closer,  I was terrified. I started to drowned……………..

THE DARK (horror story)


I heard a sudden creeping noises around the school…………… children SCREAMING LOUDLY across the building. Evil laughter and lightning SOARS from above crashing onto Earth’s floor. All of a sudden, I GOT SUCKED INTO A ROOM! I cried for help……….. but then I see a shadow coming up to me. My heart, PUMPING as hard as ever been before. The doors shut, and suddenly, darkness enveloped the room. My body starts to vanish away. I scream as loudly as I can. But no luck. I struggled to breathe until………….. I saw a shadow even though my eyes where blurry. The shadow dragged me. “HELPPPPPPPPPPPPP!” but no luck…………………..

The Emotional Relationship

“No,” I said, “I like marmite. Nutella is really, REALLY disgusting!” I shouted, “No it’s NOT!” said my friend Jokester, “Yes it is!!” I teased back, “STOP IT!” screamed jokester, “Well you are just a unhealthy human being!”, I said back, “You know what, I’m not your friend anymore,” He said softly, “Good bye old friend, you traitor,” as he walked away……….,”Wait, hold up!!!!” as I tried to run to him, “I’m so sorry, just please come back and be my friend! I beg you!” I cried, “Don’t talk to me anymore, you are just mean,” He spoke back “ NOOOOOOOOOOOOO please I beg,” But no answer…………..

The emotional story (The statue)

I was in shock! I found It! It was the statue I have always wanted to see! I was glad, after 3 days of searching, I FINALLY found it. I was sooooooooooo tired. I thought about sleeping there but it was not worth it. I just wanted to see the statue. It reminds me memories I had with him. My dad…………….. But it also reminds me when he died of sickness. I could not think of any good memories. I was trying to cheer up, but I was so sad. I started to cry, cry and cry. “ I’m sorry dad,” sobbing even harder, “I am so sorry.”

The Fruit Battle

The orange one spoke first, “ I am a orange but I am still tasty, better than apples because apples are disgusting,” then apple spoke angrily back,” That’s not true because you don’t have a crunch sound when you get eaten like me,” They kept annoying each other! They got tired and bored inside their freezing fridge. They were so tired of talking that even apple started to sleep. But orange never gave up. He began rolling around the fridge and kept breathing heavily. Orange got so tired that he fell down all the way to the floor! “HELP!” he screamed, but apple did not answer…………..